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On this page you will find photos and information on the facilities we have. Documents to view on extra activities to do and see whilst staying with us including emergency contacts.


We have 2 showers on site. both unisex. These are push button timers so no coin needed its included in the camping price. They have recently been refurbished. They are accessible 24/7 on the main yard next to reception. 

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Camping with Horses?

 We take pride in putting in a lot of time maintaining spraying and fertilising the paddocks ensuring they are perfect, ready for each and every horse to enter them, The space outside each paddock comes with not only the best view in wells but its a short walk to the concrete horse wash bay, washing up shed and the toilets and showers!

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Stabling with us?

We have 9 stables in total available to hire. All light, airy and kept clean and painted. Our stables have concrete floors and have every size and shape you may need! Youll find 4 straw stables in a nice open barn set up behind a gate and 5 shaving stables in a row behind a wooden fence. All close to the muck trailer with taps outside and utensils provided saving space for you on packing! 

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First time on a farm?

Although we run a campsite please dont forget your on a farm! We have animal noise, farm machinery and vehicles.

However we strive to give you a great stay with making sure all essentials are close by including washing up areas, freezer, clean dustbins and waste areas and of course toilets and showers. Nothing beats having a sky full of stars at night and a huge sunrise in the morning! 

Little extras

Need some ideas on activities other than the beautiful beach? Don't worry we have a list for you!

Want to tie in some extra exercises with the horse whilst with us? We have a list full of ideas of whats close by! 

Like to be prepared? 

We thought youd like a list of all emergancy contacts for 2 and 4 legged animals in the area!

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